Building Strong Communities – A Circular Approach

In partnership, the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, the Southern Chiefs’ Organization, the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources and Reclay StewardEdge present a global online conference to further our capacity to continue working together on shared issues and opportunities around water protection, waste management, economic development and the exploration of a circular economy in Manitoba. These are all important issues and topics that are being considered as the WMR coordinates the first Draft of Plan 2050.

This event featured:

  • Grand Chief Jerry Daniels – Southern Chiefs’ Organization – Collaborative Leadership Initiative
  • Greetings from Minister of Municipal Relations for the Province of Manitoba, Derek Johnson
  • Remarks from Deputy Consol-General of the Netherlands, Jorn Leeksma
  • What is the Collaborative Leadership Initiative and how can the CLI  further  Circular thinking and opportunities    – Merrell-Ann Phare
  • Circular Economy 101 from expert firm Metabolic based in Amsterdam, NL


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