Sherril Matthes

Sherril Matthes


Honest Agency

About Sherril

Sherril Matthes is a partner in Honest Agency. A writer by trade, Sherril has over 30 years’ experience in corporate communications including advertising, public relations, media relations, and communication related to leadership, governance and organizational development. 

In 1997, Sherril founded the Communications Department for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and served through the transition to a regional system as Communications Director until 2006. 

As it became increasingly clear that effective communication is a function of leadership, and vice versa, leadership development and strategic planning became the next natural evolutions. 

Sherril has developed and delivers a unique strategic planning and communication program for clients based on creating clarity, credibility and accountability. She has successfully delivered this program to many businesses, not-for-profit and professional associations who have used it to achieve published, measurable results. 

Honest Agency

Honest Agency transforms organizations into trusted powerful brands. The firm focuses clients on their brand strategy, challenging them to research and define their brand story. They use brand as the vehicle to facilitate disciplined governance and leadership level priority-setting and help align operational activities and communication toward the organization’s strengths. 

Honest has worked with the Board of WMR to develop the WMR brand and the ‘Flat Out Brilliant’ brand promise. They also developed a Forecast and value statements for JohnQ Public Impact Incorporated and within that framework created the JohnQ sub-brand of WMR, including the name, logo, brand imagery and tone of voice, and applied it to the website and launch materials.

Honest Agency’s role in Plan20-50

To develop a sub-brand for Plan20-50 that will facilitate understanding and encourage true commitment to the planning process and the ongoing collaboration.

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