About Plan20-50

Our Vision

In 2050, the quality of life here is second to none in the world.

Our communities will thrive because of the environment of trust, coordination, and collaboration that guides good decision-making, transforming all 18 member municipalities into a globally attractive and resilient region.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a focus on best practice, we can facilitate strategic infrastructure investment and coordinate land use planning and services while protecting our land and water.

Plan20-50 will ignite the Manitoba economy and create a high quality of life in a way that cultivates resilience to secure our future for generations to come.

In This Future, We See…

  • A broad and diversified economy that provides good jobs to support our growing region, leveraging our competitive advantage with an eye toward a circular economy.

  • A vibrant collection of unique and thriving complete communities that provide a range of housing choices, amenities, and recreation to support a high quality of life for all.

  • Long term, strategic, and planned infrastructure and services that support our growing communities, business, and industry, and protect our environment.

  • Future ready and coordinated transportation routes that safely connect our communities to, from, and within the region, moving people to jobs and goods to market.

  • Strong collaborative relationships between all levels of government, including Indigenous, business, and industry, NGOs, and the public.
  • Robust, healthy ecosystems supported by a network of natural assets, protecting our communities and enhancing resilience to the impacts of a changing climate.

  • Innovative, high performing wastewater treatment, and high-quality, abundant water for communities, the economy, and ecosystem health.

  • Protection of agricultural lands to support the economy and food security.
We are responsible for the standard of living we leave forward. More than ever, we believe in practical, level-headed, collaborative leadership.

About the Plan

Plan20-50 will be a blueprint for a resilient, sustainable and globally competitive Winnipeg Metro Region.

Within Plan20-50, municipalities harness the benefits of regional collaboration while maintaining the autonomy and local character that makes each of the 18 Metro Region communities distinct.

Plan20-50 Means

More jobs and investments.

Competing as a region means building a business-ready climate where potential investors find the real-time land, labour, resource and planning data that helps them choose to move here. Plan20-50 will give our member municipalities the tools they need to compete on the global stage and win. The prize? A future of prosperity and opportunity.

A healthy environment for future generations.

We are rich with precious water, air and soil and we must protect these resources over the long term. This requires nothing less than full collaboration. As the Metro Region continues to grow,  collaborating together is critical to protecting our agricultural and sensitive lands, even as we welcome new development.

Cost efficiencies and improved quality of life.

We can save money and deliver better services when we explore shared approaches to service delivery and find the important economies of scale. As municipalities working together, we can create efficiencies and savings that can be reinvested locally. 

Plan20-50 is also key to addressing future infrastructure needs such as next-generation internet, transportation corridors and other projects that don’t stop at municipal boundaries.

Best practices.

Starting from scratch is a low-value exercise. Because we understand what makes us truly unique, we can start with best-practices established in other regions and tailor them to our distinct needs and opportunities, building on the experiences of successful capital regions across Canada and the U.S.

Consultation to date

Transparency and openness are core attributes of Plan20-50. The expert team charged with plan development has engaged in a robust set of strategies for sharing the plan in various stages of plan development and have ensured continuous engagement with the WMR Board.

To date, the WMR has engaged with a vast spectrum of governments, organizations and individuals to provide input to the plan. This includes all levels of government represented in the region, the business community, priority industry sectors, leaders in sustainability, community advocates and civil society. 

We have engaged experts to gather and analyze regional data, and researched best practices from across Canada and the globe.

Policies have been developed based on: 

  • input through consultation;
  • current reports and recommendations specific to our municipalities;
  • best practice; and
  • regional planning expertise.

Consultation summary report 1

Consultation summary report 2

Consultation summary report 3

Input on the Draft

Getting to the final version of Plan20-50 requires many iterations and the input and insight of government, business, industry, institutions, NGOs and the public.

The Plan20-50 team is excited to hear from you.

To have your say on Plan20-50, click here.

About the Region

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region ­— which includes Winnipeg and 18 municipalities surrounding it — is the fastest-growing area of Manitoba and the province’s economic hub. Today, two-thirds of Manitobans call the Metro Region home, and the region accounts for approximately 66% of provincial GDP.

Modeled on successful capital regions throughout North America, Winnipeg Metro Region municipalities work together to realize the benefits of collaboration while preserving local autonomy.

The Winnipeg Metro Region is a partnership. It allows municipalities to address common opportunities and challenges – job creation, future infrastructure needs, long-term environmental protection and resilience to threats like climate change – in a coordinated way that amplifies the benefits to member municipalities. 

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