Thank-you for your feedback on draft Plan20-50

We are compiling all the inputs we have received.


Plan20-50 is a long-term regional growth and servicing plan being developed by the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region. It is the first step in maintaining and building a strong economy and strong communities, while being good stewards of our land and water.

Through Plan20-50, we will ensure that future generations will, at the very least, maintain the economic, social and environmental advantages that we have today.

To reach excellence in land use and infrastructure investment requires a 30-year window of collaboration toward a shared vision. It will take time to move from the current patchwork of short-term, unaligned solutions to coordinated strategic investments that will allow us to compete and remain strong over the long term.

Next Steps

We are now compiling the Review Report consisting of all the comments and input we have received since Draft Plan20-50 was released on April 9, 2021. 

Once completed, Draft Plan20-50 and all the information gathered through this feedback process will be submitted to the Minister of Municipal Relations, fulfilling our mandate. 

The next steps for Draft Plan20-50 will be based on the regulations outlined in Bill 37.
“Finding approaches that are agreeable to 18 unique municipalities is not easy, but it is fundamentally important in creating the future our children deserve."

We can excel together at the aspects of municipal leadership that are not sexy.

The bread and butter issues of municipal government are topics like land use, water and wastewater management, roads, bridges and infrastructure. Instead of each municipality doing the best they can on these complex portfolios, through Plan20-50 we are working together when it makes sense, pooling our efforts to develop and implement best practice solutions for the benefit of all. Strong communities depend on regional collaboration.

We can create more freedom to express the values of our unique communities.

Whether it is a healthy love of the outdoors, a language preference, or nightlife, arts and entertainment; when the base structures are well in place, communities have more resources and freedom to express their individuality and attract like-minded people and enterprises.

Plan20-50 has three interlocking objectives:

Bustling Economy

To compete today, we need to market the region as a whole – connecting potential investors and employers with insights into the labour force, available land and resources, planning and zoning information and other important information. Instead of municipalities competing against each other, we compete together, by making it easier and more attractive for investors to do business here.

Vibrant Communities

As Metro Region municipalities continue to see population growth, we need coordinated long-term strategies: – to efficiently move people and goods across the region – to benefit from common planning and delivery of municipal services – to enhance our shared buying power, and more, for the economic and quality-of-life benefits we can achieve. Then, municipalities can re-invest cost efficiencies into local services and amenities.

Natural Abundance

A long-term regional plan allows for a coordinated approach in important areas like water management and protection. We can better protect and preserve agricultural land and other sensitive areas when we work together, and we reach important efficiencies and economies of scale when we share approaches to waste management and recycling.

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