The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is happy to present the latest draft of Plan20-50.


Plan20-50 is a long-term regional growth and servicing plan being developed by the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region. It is the first step in maintaining and building a strong economy and strong communities, while being good stewards of our land and water.

Through Plan20-50, we will ensure that future generations will, at the very least, maintain the economic, social and environmental advantages that we have today.

To reach excellence in land use and infrastructure investment requires a 30-year window of collaboration toward a shared vision. It will take time to move from the current patchwork of short-term, unaligned solutions to coordinated strategic investments that will allow us to compete and remain strong over the long term.

Next Steps

Plan20-50 is a work in progress and we will continue to provide opportunities for feedback and comments. 

Download a copy of Plan20-50 version 2.0 at the link below.

“Finding approaches that are agreeable to 18 unique municipalities is not easy, but it is fundamentally important in creating the future our children deserve."

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